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Imprints are a Shanty-Folk-Rock cider fuelled explosion from Bristol. With songs covering everything from Space Pirates to Zelda's political leanings, from the undead partying to waking up drunk and doing it all over again, Imprints will guarantee foot-stomping fun and the mightiest and fieriest of jigs.


Imprints have grown so much over the past 7 years to create a unique hard hitting sound, accompanied by a frantically energetic live performance. Imprints are always sure to get your knees up dancing in an experience you will never forget.

Starting in dorm rooms at Falmouth University, 2011 - Andy Truckle and Vince Martin began their journey by playing anything from Britney Spears to Iron Maiden. They set out to the streets, bars and beaches to play anywhere they could - developing their alternative folk-rock sound. They built such a repertoire of unique covers they set out on a busking tour with their “Human Jukebox” -  a black board made of 50 songs - that they played for free around the towns of the UK No money involved, just a signature in a book for a song.


After writing their own original songs, inspired by student life and the landscape of Cornwall, Imprints began to play bigger shows to bigger crowds (and win a few competitions on the way).


They employed the talents of Jon Weeks (bass) and Matthew Dixon (drums) to complement their ever growing sound, both of which can be heard on Imprints 2014 release “Oncoming Tide”.


Imprints moved to Bristol in 2013, beginning their journey again as a duo exploring the city and making new friends. After 6 months, Imprints began playing as a full band again with Tom Cornwall (drums) and Charlie Evans (bass).

Imprints started to avalanche their way around Bristol venues and get a name for themselves for their energy at their gigs. Charlie departed the band mid-2014 to the lands of America.


Since November 2014, Imprints has stood as a solid five piece, adding long time friends Tom Bangham (bass) and Annie Wright (vocals) to the band. Influenced by wild nights out, the world as we know it and pirates… lots of pirates - Imprints continue to push the boundaries of their genre, play bigger shows and have a ruddy good time all with a foot stomp and a pint in hand.

Imprints have had some incredible experiences over the past few years and hope the future will be as amazing. From Andy, Vince, Tom, Bangham and Annie – Big love and thank you x.













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